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JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte GmbH is a modern, medium-sized enterprise with clients
in the chemical, coatings, pharmaceutical and food industries all over the world.

Our speciality is the production of custom-made reaction vessels for high
pressures and temperatures with a capacity up to 150 litres. We produce
these pressure reactors in high-grade steel or high-quality alloys specifically
for the chemical industry. In collaboration with our competence partners,
we can also supply you with fully automated pressure reactor systems.

Furthermore, JUCHHEIM Laborgeräte is a producer of laboratory equipment such as:
Bunsen-, Teclu- and Meker-burners, clamps, Scaffolding material, laboratory lifting
ramps (hydraulic, electrical and mechanical), fire suppression troughs, compact
high-temperature thermostats and more.

Juchheim pressure reactor system animation

Current Dates

ILMAC 2016 Basel, Schweiz
20. - 23.09.2016 Halle 1.1, Stand A111